A Hard Look at Your Public Image

Identity and presentation are often — if not usually — very different.

How do you see yourself? How do you present to the rest of the world, and how are you seen by others? How cohesive are these two views?

Consider that everybody who maintains a public presence must know with acute accuracy how they are seen and perceived by audiences and individuals on a daily basis. Their careers depend on it. Celebrities, public speakers, salespeople, politicians and other public figures hire people to help them look their best, communicate effectively and project a positive and charismatic image to the world. The rest of us are out here on our own. No entourage of makeup artists, speech coaches, personal trainers, etc.

On the other hand, how many of us are secure enough in our own identities that we would welcome such a brutally honest look at ourselves as we REALLY appear to the world in order to improve our image? How many of us can let go of our comfortably ingrained personal sense of how we want to look, and hope we do look, and find out where all of our warts, wattles, scales, nose-pickings, nervous tickings, Quasimodo-like posture, fat rolls and dribblings are happening while we blissfully ignore them?

It’s all too easy to say that you don’t care about all that, you’re not so vain and self-immersed that it matters to you what other people think. However, if you want to progress on a pathway to success in any field or in any endeavor, you have no choice but to care — and care a lot. Especially as a transgender or intersex person. Continue Reading »A Hard Look at Your Public Image

A Shirt That Fits – Testing Mass Couture

Tonight I ordered my first made-to-order dress shirt from Mass Couture.

Mass Couture is a German-based online business with factories in China that sells made-to-measure clothing for department store prices. It is also a network marketing business if you choose to become a member as I did. Membership gets me reduced prices on merchandise, and if I make a little money in the deal then it’s all good.

This is pretty exciting to me because if this turns out well it could be a very attractive option for transmen and transwomen to get made-to-measure clothing without the angst of visiting an unknown tailor (they do generally tend to be highly gender-conservative) or locating a trans-friendly tailor, and without the time, travel and expense involved. The clothing line is based on menswear, but everything is available in men’s and women’s measurements, and there are women’s flats available in the shoes catalog.

That’s right, they make custom fit shoes, too. Ladies, are your eyebrows raising yet? Fashion flats (so you’re not so tall) to fit your feet (how difficult has that been for you so far? Guys and gals?).

Short of dresses and high heels, you’re covered.

Hmmm… Maybe I should have ordered shoes first instead… ?

In any case, I will be giving you the blow-by-blow of my experience with Mass Couture from tonight’s order to my impressions of the final product. I will also ask my favorite tailor to tell me what she thinks of the quality of the shirt I receive and pass on her observations to you. Photos will be shared. Continue Reading »A Shirt That Fits – Testing Mass Couture

Your Transgender Self Image

Where is the impasse exactly between who we want to be and who we are? How we present to the world vs how we see ourselves from the inside? Just how much are we fooling ourselves simply to get out the door and face the world every day with some inner sense of dignity and propriety?

Here is the dilemma I am wrestling with:

I see myself as this guy…

But I realize clearly now that I am this guy…

How do I come to terms with this reality? How can I manifest myself as something closer to the image I aspire to and further away from the image I currently present? Continue Reading »Your Transgender Self Image

I Mop Like a CEO

I mop my floor at work every day. It’s a beautiful floor, the kind of floor I want in my own house someday when I finally “grow up” enough to have a house. It is a polished concrete floor with a deep brown mottled dye. When it’s wet it looks like a brown pool.

I mop my floor everyday like a CEO would mop a floor. Like I own the place and it’s my name on the door. I clean like a professional. Like I should be cleaning in a suit and tie. I think myself into doing every task with the values, skills, confidence and finesse of a professional.

I mop like a CEO. Everything in life is pointless if I don’t hang on to my pride.

We Are Haute Couture

In the realm of fashion and style this is an incredibly exciting and opportune time for those of us who are transgender and otherwise gender variant.

The current trend in haute couture is toward gender blending. If you have any interest in fashion and personal style (and if you are visiting TransGentry how can you not?) then this is your moment to be a trendsetter rather than a follower of fashion.

We Are Haute Couture Today.

Here are just a few links for you to enjoy:

The Rise of the Tildas:  Soon we’ll all be dressing with the beguiling androgyny of Ms. Swinton
Simon Doonan Jan. 28, 2011

‘I was hoping I was gay’: Transgender model Lea T on her sex-change – and how she became the darling of the fashion world
By Tamara Abraham

Masai Fashions – A New Look – Transsexual fashion 2010 Art institute

You can be sure this blog will report on anything fresh I see!


A Transman and His Money

If there’s any group of people on the face of the planet that needs to actively learn how to generate independent income and not rely on conventional businesses to hire them, it’s us.

With a few exceptions, I think I can safely say that finding a job as a transperson – especially in our recent economic crunch – is almost impossible.

I know. I just spent the past 20+ months looking for work. Luckily I finally found a job. I am severely underemployed, but minimum wage is still better than homeless, which I was literally about 2 weeks away from when I got hired. Continue Reading »A Transman and His Money

Transman In the Mirror

Guys, I have decided to start the blog here at TransGentry again.

I know, it’s not like it ever really got under way before.

Lately, though, I am feeling driven to write about some of what I experience living life as a gender variant person that I feel must be common experience for most of us – and sometimes not so common. I have also learned a lot about life in the last couple of years. What I have learned has changed me, mostly for the better, but it has also exposed some weak areas that I do not like. Knowing gives me the opportunity to do better. In the meantime I often feel like a lesser person. But that will all change. That must all change.

I have lists of things I wish to accomplish. I will be sharing those with you and inviting you to share as well. I hope we can all experience new and enervating successes together by helping each other achieve whatever it is we want – starting with figuring out what the hell it might be that we want.

When you finally sit still and think about it, knowing what your really want is the hardest thing.

On many levels I can’t fathom that anybody would want to read my ramblings. But I have been encouraged by some people whom I respect to get up and do this. And lately I do feel driven to write. So here goes. Continue Reading »Transman In the Mirror


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