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Image and Lifestyle for Discerning Transgender People

TransGentry is an online venture currently based in  Tucson, Arizona. Owned and operated since January 2008 by transman and entrepreneur Broderick K Blocker, TransGentry exists to help Transmen and Transwomen develop a professional image, dynamic self-actualization and a wholly satisfying lifestyle.

We intend to expand TransGentry over time to include a swap site, a social network, a directory of trans-friendly tailors, and hints and tips for dressing up, pursuing success and getting what you want out of life. TransGentry will feature an assortment of services and resources, plus lots of fun and excitement because otherwise, what’s the point?

We will continue to expand our offerings and influence so keep watching and get involved.

Your input, as always, is welcomed and encouraged.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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Copyright 2010 TransGentry. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. JackNo Gravatar says:

    Hey – Liked the pictures..
    Was the first one – the one that got Extra-Large when I clicked it and saw that little magnifier.. I thought it was a “Where’s Waldo – FTM version”. :)
    and truly, I feel like that dumpy dressed guy a little to the left! Always! Would like to change that. But being a single FTM with all the Fashion Sense that Comes with it! – There’s a reason for Stereo-types, they’re not ALWAYS the case.. But more so than not they’re right.

    I stumbled in here by the way because I thought it was about those types of things too. About being us, AND not just dressing like the dumpy guy or the trucker in a plaid shirt and Levi’s. and if I may suggest.. I ‘d really like to see a few pages this sort of thing:
    Like Our Body Types in drawings and pics. Again, Most of us in my humble opinion, are extremely handsome of course (that’s a given!)
    But most are certainly Not of the Tallest Side of town, and the weight scale is rarely a friend! I don’t even drink Beer and I have a beer-gut. I won’t begin to get into the hair issues, but must we ALL have that buzz cut or pee-wee hair cut? There’s gotta be more hair cuts that’ll do us more justice! I can’t be the ONLY one needing help in these areas – From Hair to Clothes.

    I look back on my wedding photos, and I’m wearing this tux the man picked out for me that came with this type of Jacket that simply put looked Ridiculous on me. – without the jacket on i looked just fine though. But with it on I looked like one of them Oompa-something or others from The Chocolate Factory!

    It’d be nice to see what the best formal wear for OUR bodies – Those of us On T and those not. I’m 41 years old now, and would like to dress like a Grown Man. Not a trucker either, because that’s not Who ‘I’ happen to be. But that’s what I look like, regardless. Maybe if we can scoop up a few MTF’s – yes, again with the Stereo Types, but it’s been my experience Some of them can Really Help us in the Fashion-Area. We should really take advantage of our counter-parts so-to-speak more than we’re doing now, on both sides. But that’s another story.

    Well that’s about what I wanted to say.
    And I wish you well in all you do guy.
    Here’s to Peace of body and mind – and spirit too.


  2. BroderickNo Gravatar says:

    Jack, thanks for your humorous and dead-on-target commentary! You’re the very kind of guy I want to build this site for, and I know I really, really have to get back to this, but I’ve had to seize every opportunity in the past few months to put myself into a retail clothing career path – and I have now gotten my foot in the door. So once I get into a new routine I can make TransGentry part of that routine going forward. I will be back in here, hopefully very soon, with more and better information than ever!

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